Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow!! Has it been awhile...

So....since my last post...I have moved...which to most is such a big undertaking that one tends to go completely insane in the process, requiring one to ask their local Psych for meds to make brain return to normal...thankfully, I was already quite crazy to begin with so no meds for me....I have started writing full time....well as mush as full time is at least a few hours every day with the benefits of a co author most of those who has gotten use to my craziness...as seem above and is less likely to talk to his psych into offering me said meds to calm me down or him down depending on how much of an influence I am on him...I just hope I don't drive him to drink, since that's what my hubby says...though I think he just likes an excuse to have a cold beer when he gets home....I have both kids home....the blessed school year is over and has now opened up the summer to both my kids and now that having a backyard is wonderful, there is still the nagging 'moms' that come with both kids home....and they wonder why I am crazy....try having a three year old and an eight year old who are polar opposites of each other in a house where their mommy is trying hard to write...I have learned to have selective hearing...whether it be cries or crashes.....thankfully, each still has all their limbs and they are still in one piece.....So if you wonder where I have gone....see above. All other complaints....well, email me!!! ;)

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