Thursday, November 15, 2007


By R.P. Blotzer

“I hate you, I hate, despise, and loathe you
And I want to tear, rip and shred you from the inside out
You are weak, emotional, needy,
Far too demanding for this one soul to bear.
You use me and abuse the very core
Of my pathetic being
Making me forget what being human is.
Your slogan is love, but you forget
It is I you are to love first. Hasn’t life
At least taught you that?
Maybe I am not perfect,
A bit far from the cover of some
Fashion magazine,
Trading beauty and popularity
Where a personality matters most.
Maybe my way is not
Like what others tend to do,
Saying and doing things untrue
Pretending to be something they’re not
But I am different, a fact you use
To believe, too.
Where truth was a banner
We held together and
Beauty was still skin deep.
Maybe my social skills lack the muster of
Those so-called friends you entertain,
With their plastic ways and mixed up lies
Served with smiles so fake and kindness
That will be required to pay back in time.
But I am one of a kind and that will
Never change.
Call me old fashioned, a dying breed
Of a dying way, where
Honor and generosity still meant
What they were suppose to.
You see, I hate, despise and loathe you,
That may be true,
But I am also required to love you