Saturday, September 13, 2008

Definitely Worth a Second or Third Read


by Sandy Patsy

I have been promising a review for the last few weeks and here it is.
"When I first picked up this book, I was a bit skepical. Most of the books I read are at least a few hundred pages, but I promised to read it so open it, I did. What I found was the craziest and funniest story I have ever read. Though most men wouldn't find it as amusing as us women, the advice and knowledge Sandy passes on to us makes us nod our heads in agreement or just huff and say 'yup, that is definitely the honest to God truth.' By the end, I was agreeing that sometimes the black widow and the preying mantis have it right. The sex is definitely good, but afterwards, you just want to bite off their heads.'I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humor and, well, a pussy. LOL!!"

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Ruby !
Thank you so much for your FANTASTIC review of my comic book !
I am still smiling.